If you’re into healthy eating and want foods that are tasty, West African recipes are the answer. These delicious foods are inspiring healthy and plant-based eaters and satisfying their taste buds because of the exciting flavours the recipes provide.

More and more people are turning towards the flavours of West Africa because they create a vibrant base for a number of different plant-based dishes that are both delicious and healthy. This type of cuisine uses bold ingredients like chilies, ginger and lemongrass to create flavours that everyone can enjoy. Those living in West Africa have been enjoying their cuisine for a very long time and because foods have become more widely available in North America, we too can enjoy this culinary experience.

West African foods can be enjoyed by anyone, especially those looking for healthy meals and inspiration. The cuisine is primarily plant-based and unlike most dishes, vegetables are almost always the main component of the plate. Yams, tomatoes, okra, lemongrass, plantains, cowpeas and rice are all staples of West African recipes and the use of spices like garlic, ginger and African nutmeg provide the dishes with extra flavour. Dried pinto beans, peanut oil and cornmeal are also staples used in West African cuisine and these ingredients can help you prepare stewed pinto beans and rice and peanut soup, which are all favourites. Some people assume that West African food is unhealthy because of the carbs and peanut oil used in the dishes, but this is a misconception because if these ingredients are used properly, they can actually be quite healthy. The recipes also rely heavily on grains and vegetables, which are full of fibre and extremely healthy. Legumes are the star of every meal and meat does not play a central role the way it does in other types of cuisines.

If you are new to West African cuisine, starting with a pepper soup is ideal because it is a beginner dish that you can make and enjoy. It’s a simple dish that contains complex flavours and this is why it is the perfect dish to start with if you are new to cooking. It is a favourite because it can be enjoyed by vegans and meat lovers and can be catered to most dietary preferences. Another great dish you can prepare is jollof rice, which is a one-pot dish made with rice, tomatoes, onions and tomato paste. You can add a protein if you like or leave the dish as is so that it can be enjoyed by every healthy eater.

West African cuisine has a lot to offer and food is a fantastic way of learning about a different culture. Laura’s Catering can help with your next event and our restaurant and catering services will allow you to celebrate and enjoy delicious meals that are healthy, so if you are in the Winnipeg area, give us a call now!